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The lockdown has been hard on everyone around the world. At Bedford Square, we have tried to find an opportunity in these difficult times. In view of the COVID situation which led to considerable decrease in client work, 10 Staff members including the Director – HR and Compliance have enrolled for the AAT qualification and are preparing hard for the upcoming exams in September 2020. Majority of the students who hail from a small town with limited infrastructure, facilities and exposure to technology in the learning space, are experiencing online learning for the first time and have found it both very liberating and useful at various levels. On being interviewed about their AAT Journey, this is what Ragul and Mani had to say,

How are you benefiting from the AAT Professional Course?
The AAT Professional Course has provided us with strong theoretical knowledge and clarity on the various accounting terms and concepts that we come across in our day to day jobs. We are able to analyze and also relate to each and every transaction when we work on various accounting jobs and improve our knowledge on a hands-on basis.

Please share your thoughts and experiences at attending online classes. How are they different from live classroom sessions?
Studying online and attending classes virtually, is indeed a new experience for us. The study material is quite exhaustive and the video lessons are interesting. We are able to study at our own pace and comfortable time which is a lot easier considering that we have to combine this with our full-time day jobs. The online sessions are quite different in the sense that we can attend and revisit the study material as many times as necessary. This is really helpful. We can continue to look at a topic umpteen number of times till we get a good grasp of the concepts.
How is the management of the company assisting you in this journey of learning?
While many organizations are being shut down and employees being laid off due to loss of clients and business, our management has provided us with an excellent opportunity to make use of the available free time at the workplace. We have been encouraged to spend time constructively at the workplace studying for AAT whenever no client jobs are assigned to us. An internal WhatsApp group among the students allows us to exchange information about our learnings, monitor our progress etc. Recently, the management also auctioned off some old computers to the students who could make use of them to study at home.

Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity by enrolling us in this international course and for keeping us motivated.


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