Our Story - PART II
Empowering our Staff through Education during the Pandemic


While most people dream of going to large cities and metropolitans, we dreamt of taking our employees back home, to their families. And all this while continuing to earn dream salaries, having access to excellent office ambience and the latest technology at their very doorstep.

While it was posh to own an office in the city for ease of doing business, it was not economically viable to spend money on expensive infrastructure when we could spend the money on the welfare of our employees. And so, we decided to shut shop and move.  “Employees struggled with ever-increasing rents, fast food and the cost of traveling to visit their families while we struggled with the increasing cost of infrastructure, recruitment cost, and employee unavailability. It did not seem to make sense anymore”, says Bala, CEO.

We moved and our employees moved with us. They moved back into their homes with their families, got married and settled down. They continue to take home a salary similar to their friends in the city while also saving on rent, travel, and cost of food.

And what did we get in return? Economical rents have resulted in decreased rental costs resulting in more spending money for investment in the latest technology (our office is equipped with face recognition software and fingerprinting access control), the latest accounting software tools and excellent conference systems.

We have achieved our dream of providing job opportunities to the rural youth and continue in our quest to provide them an excellent career path and great learning opportunities.
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