Excerpts from an interview with AMBRASH KANNA R
Month: February 2020

►Tell us briefly about your first day at BSKC.
My first day at BSKC was a way out of many bottlenecks I had been facing. I experienced a lot of positive vibes at work and consider myself lucky to have come a long way since then. The very first thing that caught my attention was the proverb displayed at the reception which read “No stupid people beyond this point”. It was a privilege to be allowed in. I felt motivated to do well in my work.

►What have you learnt in your 1st year at BSKC.
In the past one year, I have acquired a few important skills such as problem solving skills and basic accounting skills. I have also learnt to observe and improve my understanding capabilities. Most importantly, I have learnt that “It is hard to beat a person who NEVER GIVES UP”. This learning has been effective in my personal life as well.

►What are the few things you like about the workplace?
I quite enjoy the work environment, the infrastructure and the work culture. Most of all I like the fact that we do not beat ourselves over our mistakes. Rather, we learn from it.
►What according to you are areas of improvement at BSKC?
In my view, we have all been provided with a good work environment to enable effectiveness and efficiency. Self-improvement would be the key to utilise this opportunity to the maximum.

►Any personal benefits, as a result of being at BSKC that you would like to share with us?
I have been able to live close to my family and achieve a good work life balance while also being able to save a substantial sum of money. I forsee a good career for myself and have an intense desire to do well professionally.

►How would you describe your professional goal?
I wish to enrol for ACCA and complete it. Over the past few months, I have observed and learnt from my Seniors how to set a goal for oneself and work towards it with full focus. Whether or not I succeed, time alone will tell. But I will do my best.


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