Excerpts from an interview with ARAVINTH
Month: January 2020

First and foremost, I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to work in an organization whose business is accounting even though I am a Maths graduate. I consider it an achievement to have learnt the trade and to be working as a bookkeeper. When I joined the Company, I did not know anything about accounts and accounting software. In the beginning, my aim was to get a job. However, during the course of my learning, I realized that Accounting is not a cakewalk. I was under immense pressure to learn the various accounting concepts and understand the work culture unique to my organization.

My CEO Mr. Bala and my Senior Managers have helped me get through this very tough period. They taught me the basics of accounting from scratch and I have now reached a stage where I am able to handle the bookkeeping for a group of companies as well as various weekly reports. I have had the opportunity to learn new accounting and other softwares unknown to me prior to joining BSKC.

Our company is always embracing new software tools and technology to help employees become more tech savvy while automating the mundane jobs thereby reducing the workload for its employees. At BSKC, I have learnt that Knowledge is not just about Learning but it also about sharing what we learn. My CEO and my Managers reinforce this aspect time and again.

Our CEO Mr. Bala is also an inspiration for us all to keep fit and healthy. He has constantly encouraged us to take up running and sponsored employees to various Marathon events. Our company is always on the lookout for their employee’s welfare, good health and work life balance. The vehicle loans offered to employees who travel a long distance, providing healthy snacks at tea time and the HELMET POLICY are proof of these. The GOLD COIN scheme and the monthly movie outing with colleagues encourage us to restrict our time off and be with colleagues who make us happier.

I truly appreciate the fact that BSKC Management has chosen Kumbakonam for running its operations instead of any other bigger cities. Not only have they offered job opportunities to the youth here, but various other opportunities for growth through a variety of courses ranging from English communication, Excel certification classes to AAT and ACCA.

I wish to conclude by saying, “A seed requires many combinations to transform in to a plant and then a tree, but the primary thing it requires is SOIL and that is BSKC for us”. Surely, a thank you will not suffice!


We are a Business Process Outsourcing Company, constantly exploring ways to improve our Accounting Systems, Processes and People, placing our customers at the heart of everything we do.



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